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Trevor Bourget

Trevor joined Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club in 2018. An avid advocate for bicycle commuting, he participates in the Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club Saturday rides.

When asked how he became interested in cycling, he replied, "I started riding to school in early teens, and it changed the mind set to always be considered as a good alternative transport. I rode with a club after a colleague at work recommended the local San Diego Bicycle Club training ride."

His greatest cycling achievement so far? "I have no races to have won yet, so perhaps the biggest achievement is the number of times that I fell down and got back up again. In most of those cases, the road was wet."

"I am a software engineer by trade and nature. I started that just about the same year that I started riding a bike."

"I got involved in some cycling advocacy after reading John Forester. I had some good battles with city, county, and state transportation agencies. I steered my employer's bike to work day for a decade or so. I miss Sheldon, and Jobst, and Lance, and more. I'm glad that we still have John Forester, Schubert, and Franklin."

His advice to other cyclists? "Keep the rubber side down. Practice makes perfect. It never gets easier, you just go faster!"