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Megan Brinkmeyer

Megan Brinkmeyer

Megan Brinkmeyer
Megan Brinkmeyer

Megan is a category 2 road, time trial and crit racer who joined LGBRC in 2021.
When asked her how she got interested in bicycle racing she replied, "I have been cycling since I was young, and it was how I commuted during graduate school.  I became a bit more serious about cycling in 2011 when a friend encouraged me to sign up for a century with a lot of climbing."
"When I started having hip problems that worsened while running, I switched to cycling for exercise.  After a few years of endurance riding, I wanted something more from the sport, so I started racing in 2015."        
We asked Megan what she considers her most significant cycling achievement. She replied, "I'd have to say that my greatest cycling achievement is the continuous growth and improvement that I have made in the sport after coming back from bi-lateral hip replacement.  It certainly wasn't easy, but I am beyond grateful, everyday, that I can pedal my bike and push my limits."
She adds, "I am a Criminalist with the California Department of Justice in Sacramento, CA. In other words, my "day job" consists of processing crime scenes throughout Northern California and analyzing firearms evidence back at the laboratory.

If I'm not at work, then I'm usually on the bike.  And if I'm not at work or on the bike, then I'm probably doting on my big German Shepherd Sugar!  

I am thrilled to be racing alongside such strong and inspirational women!
My goal is to ride with and to support the ladies on this team the best that I can while continuing to learn and develop as a cyclist.  I think we can accomplish great things together considering all the hard work, dedication, passion, and enthusiasm we all put into training and racing."