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Clay Heberly

Clay Heberly
Clay Heberly
on Montebello
Clay joined LGBRC in 2013. We asked him how he first got interested in cycling, to which he replied, "Like many others I've been on bikes most of my life. I still have great memories of my dad running down the street with me on my banana seat and realizing that he wasn't holding on, and look forward to those moments with my daughter soon."

"Until a couple years ago, I'd spent most of biking days on the single track in Santa Cruz or up in Annadel State Park at the northern edge of Sonoma Valley."

"Later, After a planned mountain biking outing on the Big Island of Hawaii fell through, I figured I'd give road a try. What better reason could there be. I was completely amazed and was insanely miserable (didn't think we'd get headwinds out and back). I was completely hooked, though."

His notable cycling achievement? "Riding the west shore of the Big Island in Hawaii was a great road experience, but there's something pretty special about coming out of the redwoods above Wilder State Park in Santa Cruz and getting that amazing ocean view."
What does he do in addition to riding a bike? "I work as an Equipment Engineering project manager for one of the big tech companies in Fremont, which fortunately let's me get out for quick rides in the hills up there. When I'm not working or biking, I'm chasing my 4 year old daughter around parks and playgrounds  throughout Campbell and Los Gatos."

He adds, "I have been out with the Saturday crew a few times, and really enjoy it. Great group of guys. They have always been great about pulling me back in when I drop off, which I will try to do less often. I haven't been able to get out on those long rides as much during the summer, but I hope to rejoin the group more often now. "