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Peter Hecht

Peter  Hecht
Peter Hecht

Peter joined Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club in 2021.
When we asked him how he became interested in bicycling, he responded, "My dad has been riding ever since I could remember, he would take me on rides on the weekends occasionally but I didn't start riding regularly until I was about twelve. After I started riding routinely I decided to participate in my first race in sixth grade. "
His most notable cycling achievement? "My greatest cycling achievement is a hard choice. One of my most memorable achievements is being one of the youngest ever to compete in the Tahoe 50 in sixth grade. It was a pretty exhausting race as it was at altitude and had lots of big climbs."

He adds, " This year (as of fall of 2021), I am a freshman at Mountain View High School. In addition to bike racing I enjoy playing music, specifically piano and guitar.