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Greg Juneau

Greg Juneau
Greg Juneau
Greg is a cat 2 racer, an LGBRC member since 2003.

When asked how he got interested in cycling, he answered, "I started mountain biking in 1999 after I moved to California from my hometown of Montreal. It was the first time I had been on a bike since I was 10. Sometimes I would pass road cyclists on my way to trail heads thinking that you had to be crazy to ride a bike on public roads. Well I still think that's true but once I did my first group ride in Santa Cruz in 2001 I was hooked. It was the Tuesday night right in Aptos and I got dropped after 5 minutes... I still can't finish that ride with the leaders... but I live in Milpitas now, so thankfully it's too far away to ride."

When asked what he would consider his greatest achievement, he replied, "Winning is always a great achievement. So I suppose my first win as a Cat 4 at the Giro in SF was my favourite (notice Canadian spelling) moment. Upgrading to Cat 2 was also a great achievement, especially as it came as a result of some great teamwork, most notably Aaron, Rick, Rob and Chris. Thanks, guys!"
When he's not riding his bike? He comments, "Well.. when I am not riding my bike I am working on some project at my house or playing with my son Luc. He's 18 months and has figured out how to use his tricycle! I also love to cook, eat and drink... Scotch, Beer and Wine... the Holy trio... In fact I think I am most motivated to race so I can eat and drink guilt free!

He adds, "My goal as a Cat. 2 is to help the team perform better and better at each race and perhaps get the occasional top 10 finish.. oh and finishing Cat's Hill in the Pro 1,2's would be nice too!     
I would like to thank my lovely wife Carol (and Luc) for being so patient and supportive with all my training and racing."