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Alex Mordaunt

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Alex joined LGBRC in 2020, participating as a mountain bike racer.

When we asked him how he first got interested in cycling and racing, he responded, "I first got really interested in cycling when my aunt came over from England and visited us as she was an avid rider and racer. She took me on lots of great rides and got me interested in the sport."

We asked about his cycling achievements. He responds, "My greatest cycling achievement is a tough one. I think it would be either winning one of the high school league races and coming 2nd overall that season against a stacked field, or attending nationals. I am looking forward to more great memories and achievements to come."

"I am currently a freshman at UC Berkeley as an environmental sciences major. I love to snowboard as well as bike. This year I am taking up enduro and downhill racing as well as cross country.

Cycling is great and I do it for fun and a way to escape from the busy world, and racing goes alongside that but is not my main focus."