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Keegan Pelton

Keegan Pelton
Keegan Pelton

Keegan is a junior Mountain Bike racer who joined LGBRC in 2020.

He says, "I started cycling with some friends in my sophomore year of high school, and Patrick Hecht, a friend of mine, invited me to one of the Black Mountain Composite NICA team rides. That team helped me ride more often, improve, and develop my passion for riding."
We asked him what he considers to be his most notable cycling achievement to date. He responded, "My greatest cycling achievement is finishing the Colorado Trail while bikepacking with two friends of mine. We were all on loaded Mountain bikes weighing between 50 and 60 pounds each, riding about 50 miles and 6000 feet of climbing each day for a couple of weeks. One notable experience was on the fifth day or so, when we got to a gargantuan 12,500 foot pass, of which the trail up was buried in knee to waist deep snow starting at 10,500 feet. It took all day to slog through the snow and drag or carry our bikes. That whole trip and particularly that day taught me just how far I could push my body and has had a significant impact on my mental capacity as a rider."

He adds, "I'm a senior at Mountain View High School and I will be going to Colorado School of Mines for mechanical engineering in the fall of 2020. I also work part-time at The Bicycle Outfitter, a shop in Los Altos, CA."

"I am joining the Junior Dirt Dev team for LGBRC along with 5 other extremely dedicated and passionate riders that I'm proud to call teammates and a coach, Ben Dodge, who is generously donating his time to help us improve this season."

"Also, it never gets easier, you just go faster!"