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Hal Rooney

Hal Rooney
Hal Rooney
Hal joined LGBRC in 2015 after participating weekly in the
Saturday training ride. He is a category 3 racer on the road, and also has raced mountain bikes.

We asked Hal what first attracted him to bicycling. He responded that he started riding in the 80's with a local bike shop. That resulted with joining the racing team (F & M Cyclery) as part of the Fremont Freewheelers. He said, "I would later race with Alto Velo for a couple years before taking a 15 year hiatus to raise my two boys. I've raced as a Cat 3 Masters."

His most significant achievement? He responds, "I'd have to say riding the 2009 and 2010 E'Tape du Tour in France. Most of my riding in the last five (5) years has been Century or 200K rides. I've completed Five (5) Death Rides, each faster than the last."

He adds, "I retired from The Santa Clara County Fire Department in 2011 after 29 years in the Fire Service."

The LGBRC welcomes Hal!