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Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson

Mark joined LGBRC in 2015. He is on the 2021 Board of Directors, serving as secretary.

We asked Mark what initially got him into cycling. He replied, "When I was 15 I received a road bike, but left it behind when I went to college. While I was at school my younger brother took it on 50+ mile rides. I was really impressed and began to think of my bike as more than just something to get around campus.

After graduation some of my friends bought cars to celebrate having a real job, I bought a Cannondale bicycle and a vacuum cleaner."

His greatest achievement in cycling? "My greatest on bike achievement is riding 100 miles. I still don't know how I did it!"

We asked Mark about other roles he as assumed in LGBRC. He commented, "As a club member I helped with the Cat's Hill Classic Bicycle Race to organize the race marshals. This introduced me to club leadership and a new pizza restaurant in Los Gatos. Since then I have volunteered in various ways and was elected to the Board of Directors. I currently serve as secretary."