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Will von Kaenel

Will von KaenelWill Von Kaenel

Will Von Kaenel


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Will is an involved LGBRC member who joined in 2007. He often joins the social ride and supports the Cat's Hill Classic as a volunteer.

When we asked him what first interested him in cycling, he replied, "I began cycling in earnest 8 years ago by commuting to work (9.5 miles each way), which I still do 4-5 days/week.  Then I started events, such as ACTC rides and Centuries, then hill climbs such as the Diablo Challenge.  I joined LGBRC as I've progressed, so that I am on the cusp of racing."

What does he consider his greatest cycling achievement so far? "The 2008 Climb to Kaiser.  I finished in 13 hrs 25 minutes.  The 2008 Death Ride wasn't timed, but I did make it to page 9 of 55 photographs at Carson Pass.  I've participated in the Low Key Hill Climb Series, but have yet to get a time above the median (there are some real good climbers in LKHC!)"

He adds, "I work and live in Clovis and visit Los Gatos on weekends. I am a doctor; I practice interventional pain management.  I grew up in Los Gatos."